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Jun. 25th, 2008

anonymous drawing

Draco/Hermione Recommendation List.

Time that I did this. Due in part to a recent post on dramione which made me realise I've actually read quite a number of stories. This list will be continually added to, and as soon as I manage to track down old fics which I had read and enjoyed, but completely forgotten for now, it will be much longer I'm sure. Eventually, I think I might even want to list them alphabetically!

All summaries are borrowed from the authors. With that said, I don't own them and their stories either, (we all don't own Harry Potter and Ms Rowling's original characters and lots of awesome money) but I do hope they don't mind me doing this. And er, most of them are links to the Pit of Voles absolutely wondrous ffnet! It sucks so hard may be lacking in some ways, but it's also the most convenient for most of us. (And eh, site maintenance is happening over at CG now, so yeah. Site-specific fics will be added later.)

Please also note that some stories are mature! So DON'T click on them if you're not bloody supposed to.  *wags finger* Or if you must, do so at your own discretion. Don't you freaking dare.

List is still in progress.
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Jan. 5th, 2008

anonymous drawing

LOADS of HP Icons!

My first batch of icons for 2008, as promised! I hope you all like them - I had so much fun with this lot! Please comment/credit if you take any, no altering of icons in any way, x-posted all over the place so sorry for the mailbox spamming, f-list. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!


(83) *Icons

(20) Draco and Hermione
(24) Draco Malfoy
(12) Hermione Granger 
(11) Slytherin + Gryffindor (Various Quotes)
(08) Lord Voldemort + Lucius Malfoy
(08) Luna Lovegood

The rest are under the fake cut below!